About Julie

Julie Carter, MindFell Therapy CumbriaI started my professional life as a teacher of science and outdoor education before going to Manchester Medical School and then to practice as a GP in the community and in Urgent Care. I am motivated by the rewards of knowing when I have given someone genuine help. Being honest I do think modern medicine has huge amount to offer but I also think it can work from an unhelpful mechanical model of a body as a machine with a separate mind which can also suffer from diseases. Over the years I have found it can take a more joined up approach to really make inroads, especially when it comes to longstanding issues which medicine itself has not been able to solve, such as chronic pain. My motivation to make a positive difference led me into training as a Human Givens practitioner and this has now become the focus of my work. Since I began to find Human Givens therapy so useful in practice I have withdrawn from the medical register in order to concentrate on this work.

I have always loved fells and mountains and have climbed all over the world. I am a proud member of Keswick Athletic Club and I have won both the English and British fellrunning championships in my age group. Since childhood I have struggled with a developmental condition in my spine and this experience has also led me on my own ‘healing journey’.

Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Genetics. University of York
  • Summer and Winter Mountain Leadership Certificates and Mountaineering Instructors Award
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education. University of York
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. University of Manchester
  • Post graduate Diploma in Therapeutics. University of Cardiff
  • Post graduate Diploma in Palliative Medicine. University of Teesside
  • Diploma in Human Givens Therapy

I hold an enhanced safeguarding disclosure and insurance for my psychotherapy work and I abide by the professional conduct and ethics policy of the Human Givens Institute with whom I am registered to practice.