Human Givens Therapy

Concepts for Mental Health - Lake District, Cumbria

Human Givens Therapy - Keswick, Lake DistrictMental health issues are very prevalent and in society at large there are very mixed views on their root causes and the best ways to tackle them. Medicine, and in particular psychiatry, has in recent decades attempted to classify emotional difficulties as a host of diagnosable mental illnesses. The truth is there is very little evidence that most emotional difficulties are caused because there is something wrong with the person involved and what they are experiencing is almost always down to what has happened to them.

Making a difference quickly

In recent decades the confusion over emotional health has spawned hundreds of different schools of psychotherapy, some with useful ideas and others with damaging potential. The Human Givens approach was developed by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrell in an attempt to make some real sense of all this. Taking into account modern brain science and all the available clinical evidence, the Human Givens provides a framework which not only makes sense but is also extremely practical and useful. Many so called talking therapies can take a long time to make a difference but Human Givens therapists are trained in the use of guided imagery and other powerful tools which don’t just deal with the issues at the level of the conscious thinking mind but penetrate deeper and are therefore powerful. Human Givens therapists always aim to make a real difference from the word go even with longstanding problems.

What is meant by Human Givens?

The title “Human Givens” derives from the organising idea that all humans have an innate set of resources and a set of needs and these are the "Givens" of human nature. In order to be healthy our resources need to employed in order to get our needs met in balance. For example, if we ignore our needs for security, privacy and attention or if we are not feeling that we can achieve competency in at least one area of life then we could become very anxious or depressed or both. We all need to have a degree of autonomy in our lives but we need to balance this with having close relationships and feeling a sense of connection, meaning and purpose. It is common to underestimate our resources, one of the most useful being our own imagination. We are using our imagination all the time and can use it positively or use it to undermine ourselves with excessive worry, feeding our fears. Dealing with fears which have built up as reactions to past events and learning to recognise and use our resources well is what Human Givens therapy is all about.

For more about the Human Givens approach see the Human Givens College and Human Givens Institute websites where you will find a variety of resources and useful publications.