Mind Coaching for Athletes

Keswick, Lake District

athletes pic

As a competitive fellrunner and a climber I know very well, through decades of personal experience, the importance of the Mind Game in sport. I have written about this in the Human Givens Journal and in my book Running The Red Line. (See MindFell Publishing page for more on this).

After years of trying to apply the received wisdom in most sports psychology text books I could only ever make an understandable framework which I found useful in practice when I trained in Human Givens.

I have developed my own way of applying Human Givens principals to help sports people and performers. Essentially there are 3 steps to achieving peak performance:

  1. Pay attention to getting all emotional (and physical) needs met in balance.
  2. Reframe “nerves” as the body’s instinctive and useful preparation, “the engine warming up”.
  3. Rehearsal. Physical and mental (in balance).

Through applying this process to the individual athlete or performer in their own unique circumstances, and making use of the powerful tool of guided imagery I can increase calmness and confidence and help people not only to perform better but also enjoy themselves more in the process.